• <strong>Planning to visit Portugal?...</strong>

    Planning to visit Portugal?...

    This is the number one network of Official Tour Guides in Portugal and we’re ready to empower your experience!
  • <strong>Uncertain About Who to Trust Locally?...</strong>

    Uncertain About Who to Trust Locally?...

    We're a local company certified by Turismo de Portugal – the national tourism office. Our guides are also licensed drivers owning a fleet of high quality vehicles providing safety and comfort, for the best experience you may expect.
  • <strong>Want to avoid the 'Same Old Same Old' Tours?...</strong>

    Want to avoid the 'Same Old Same Old' Tours?...

    Our work is based on passion. Passion about the diversity of our unique country!... Besides that, our tours are always planned according to your briefing. So, it's a no brainer... you will enjoy it for sure!


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Things to Discover in Portugal…

Accustomed to new cultures, the Portuguese are a seafaring people who travelled all around the globe in the 14th and 15th centuries. This fact certainly contributed to an open-minded culture. As a result of this, you will feel warm and welcome with the Portuguese friendliness wherever you are. You’ll see!

Open to modernity and about to celebrate 900 years since foundation, Portugal is a vibrant country with a long and proud history. A rich patrimony can be found alive – castles, historical centers and monasteries are just about everywhere. Catholic in its patrimony and faith, although universal and open in its spirit, Portugal has preserved other beliefs (Muslim and Jewish, mainly). Portugal’s architecture and architects are world references. Awarded names like Alvaro Siza Vieira or Eduardo Souto Moura are well known over its spectrum. And don’t be surprised… you will also find Portuguese artists among the international tops of the newest trends like Street Art, for instance!

A small country with an incredibly diversified landscape. Its extensive coastline reveals absolutely amazing spots and seaside towns. You will find natural parks by the Atlantic and scarcely populated areas in the plains of the south. The north is more mountainous. A range of specific microclimates allow regions of lush vegetation. And there are still walled medieval towns situated on hill tops, can you imagine?… Well, be prepared… there is still a lot to unveil in this fascinating country!

A mixture of Mediterranean and Atlantic climate allows long-hot summers and short mild winters, which explains the abundance of lovely porches, terraces and esplanades. It never snows on the coastline because of the influence of the Gulf stream. Good conditions to travel all year around being the coldest months January and February. March and October are recommendable for its mild days and not being so busy, particularly in March.

Portugal boasts an extensive coastline, allowing a diversity of fresh fish and seafood from the Atlantic. Our tour guides do know the local restaurants or fancy ones. When it comes to sweets or desserts, each town has their specialty, as legacy from the convents and monasteries. Pork is also essential in the Portuguese diet, but lamb, chicken and some autochthonous veal and cow play an important role as well.
You will find around 250 grape varieties, meaning an enormous choice. Traditional winemaking practices such as “lagar” crushing (crushing grapes by foot), are not extinct in Portugal, but state-of-the-art vineyard and cellar practices are changing the way Portugal makes wine. Both traditional and modern styled wines are produced using unique indigenous varietals like Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz, forgoing the widespread planting of more international varietals such as Chardonnay and Merlot. Amongst enologists and wine connoisseurs there is a spotlight on Portuguese wines nowadays. While they get more and more international awards, the demand for red and white wines specially, has been increasing exponentially. It’s your time now to try it out. You will be grateful for this advice!

About Carla:

Carla Carita is the network’s mentor and the head manager of the company.

By age 16, Carla had discerned her life’s calling: to help others discover the beauty and diversity of the country she adores – her native Portugal.

Born and raised in the Lisbon area, she was smitten with the rich depth of her nation’s history, the cultural allure of Lisbon and the idyllic charm of the Portuguese Countryside. Most of all, she knew Portugal is full of surprises that she was eager to share.

“It’s a small country, but there is so much more here than people expect” – Carla usually says.


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House Rules…


Your wishes are our commands. Literally! We certainly know what Portugal has to offer. But first, we need to know what you value most. You see, this is a very diverse destination and we are pretty sure to find something that really resonates with you. That’s why we always ask for a briefing upfront. Despite of having regular tours, we always make it as personalized as possible. Our tours are always adapted to your interests. “Bespoke” is our middle name. You’ll notice that!


No matter what tour you’re in, your journey will always be planned in advance. But planned doesn’t mean strict! Flexibility is one of our rules. Do you want to stay a little bit longer at that particular spot you’re enjoying so much?… No problem. Would you like to change your itinerary right in the middle of a tour?… You got it! The ultimate objective of our tour guides is your fulfilment. We want you to be comfortable. You will never have to rush. We input the knowledge. You fix the pace.


Everything is about you. The only thing we’ll do is to guide you towards the experiences you’re looking for. You’ll be escorted by an official tour guide / licensed driver and all tours will be private to you and you only. We love our country and we are genuinely passionate about passing that feeling up to you. We are profound students of the Portuguese history and permanently seeking to update our knowledge, not only about the past, but also about what’s on and what’s next. You deserve it!
  • Carla was absolutely outstanding. She made our tour most delightful and paced it according to our wishes...
  • ...We loved the way she danced that big Mercedes van through the narrow, steep streets and in and out of parking places. We couldn't have asked for a better guide.
  • ...Carla is a fluent English speaker who provides an excellent service...
  • Carla was an outstanding guide - knowledgeable, cordial, professional in every way... If I could hire a guide like Carla in every city I visit, I would not hesitate to do so.
  • ...Thanks to Carla and Luis, we are in love with Portugal now!
  • Carla was a marvelous guide... She was very personable and spoke perfect English... Having her own van made the whole tour more comfortable...
  • ... She made us feel at home and was more of a family member than a guide...
  • ... we highly recommend Carla and her excellent team... She was able to customize our tour to include all the things we wanted to see...
  • She listened to our interests and made it happen... She is never pushy, always smiling and always friendly. Carla is Portugal!
  • Carla - Super Guide for Portugal - look no further!...
  • ...Carla was punctual, extremely knowledgeable and tailored our tour to our interests...
  • ... It's not often that people exceed your expectations by such a margin! We would highly recommend My Way Tours...
  • ... We enjoyed learning about Portugal from one who truly takes pride in her country. I echo all the previous positive sentiments about Carla on Tripadvisor...
  • Beyond Our High Expectations! ... Her food and wine recommendations were always spot-on and we loved that she shared local favorites that we could never have discovered without her guidance...
  • ... Carlos is simply amazing, loaded with knowledge and information, willing to help above and beyond... and last but not least, an excellent driver... Simply the best!
  • The Best Private Tour Guide I've Experienced... I am recommending Carla to all of my friends and work colleagues.
  • You are a star...knowledgeable, open, funny and a pleasure to be with. You even bring good weather. Portugal is lucky to have you as an Ambassador.
  • ...Carla is truly a professional, a safe driver and an interesting guide... We as a group felt that we were not treated as clients, but as close friends/family members...
  • ... and best of all, she puts you in the middle of an entertaining history lesson...
  • Great way to get to know Portugal... Two great trips; two great guides.
  • ... Carla was great about letting me move at my own pace, and I never felt rushed throughout the day.
  • ... just simply a terrific tour guide who loves what she does and does it well... and very reasonably priced to boot!
  • Carla was one of the Best Guides ever!... She makes sure that everything is well planned out and she is a true professional... We cannot say enough about her!
  • Best tourist guide ever!...
  • Thank you Paulo for an amazing tour that made Portugal one of our best visits this summer.
  • ...Thank you Carla. We have done many tours in many cities and countries and you rank number 1!
  • ... Very professional organization. Many thanks for a job well done.


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