Cheesemania! :-)

Once a traveler in a group had a long time desire, she wanted to fulfil on her trip to Portugal. We were planning to be in the proximity of Portugal highest mountain. She wished to taste a sheep cheese from Serra da Estrela, considered the best in Portugal. These cheeses weight approximately 1 kilogram which means one is considerably too much for one person.

We managed to be in Torre, Serra da Estrela at lunch time. Outside, there was still some snow… we were in early March.

So… can you imagine what our friend asked for lunch? A single cheese, just for her. I could not believe it!… I felt like she would probably be sick later on or the day after. However, her desire and pleasure were fulfilled, I guess. She felt very well the day after and she was happy.

For me, it’s something I always remember whenever I eat Serra da Estrela cheese!

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