S. Simão – Tiles Production Just Like They Were Done in the 17th Century

South of Lisbon, near Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, in S. Simão, lies this small and lovely tile workshop. A gem for tile lovers, here they produce the tiles just as they were done in the 17th century!

You will probably not find another place in Portugal, where all the process is done traditionally, from the very beginning. Besides you will see it and experiment, if you want, with your own hands!

Opened since 1982, initially with 3 partners, today only 1 still holds it. It is his staff, a permanent one of 4 craftsmanship and another 4 temporarily, who maintain the soul of this fascinating place.

You are mostly welcome, anytime you show up, no matter if weekends or holidays, there will be always someone who will friendly show you all the making of a tile.

One of S. Simão Tiles largest productions was for the Macau Casino, an achievement of 5.000 tiles that took 8 months to produce.

Tiles are a Portuguese craftsmanship that began to develop in the 16th century. The roots are Moorish. It became particularly popular in the 18th century, as we associate the blue and white tiles with this period.

The abundance of material, easy to clean, good isolation material and being decorative, contributed to make it a product of Portugal.

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