The Day I Met Manoel de Oliveira – the Cinema World Legend

Once, near new year’s eve, I went for a tour with some Indian clients (a nice couple and a girlfriend) who were in the movie business. They said to me they had a special and difficult request to fulfill; they had the desire to meet the oldest film director still alive – Manoel de Oliveira.

We were based in Lisbon and Porto (his hometown) is more than 3 hours drive from here. They were ready to go there even if just to be with him for 5 minutes.

I manage to get the phone of his daughter and she kindly arranged a meeting with him, in his apartment near Foz do Douro. This happened on the 30th December. We drove up to Porto to meet and greet Manoel de Oliveira who was then, 102 years old.

He kindly received us at his house and we were there for 2 hours or so. The clients were so excited… they could not believe this was possible!

We still had the time to enjoy a bit of Porto and had lunch in Gaia overlooking Ribeira (old docks of Porto).

What a memorable experience for them and for myself to meet one of the greatest film directors whose life is the history of movie making. He passed away recently with 106 years old.

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