This is where you will find some of our most popular experiences you can get within one full morning or afternoon. As you might know, our tours are always some way unique… they are always adapted to your interests. Have a look around and don’t hesitate to configure it at your own will.

The Essential Experience Tour – Tiles, Wines & Sceneries! (Half Day Tours)

This is the best sightseeing experience you can get! But that’s not all. You will have the chance to experience the making of tiles in the old 17th century way and you will also be able to taste the marvelous “Moscatel de Setúbal” wine right on the spot where it is produced. And there’s more!…

Take a Deep Breath at the Westernmost Point of Europe and Feel the Magic of Authentic Fairy Tale Castles (Half Day Tours)

The westernmost point of continental Europe – Cabo da Roca – recalls glorious times and offers breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, also within half an hour drive from Lisbon, the mountain of Sintra shows a luxuriant landscape revealing palaces and manor houses, in an area classified world heritage by Unesco. Just imagine your own fairy tale!…

If you’re staying for more than one day, than take one day off for a deeper insight of the Portuguese beauties. These are some of our most wanted full day tours for your consideration. But by this time, you should know already that we will be more than pleased to design a specific one for you, right?…

Royal Heritage, Ravishing Nature and Glamour – The Best of Lisbon’s Surroundings (Full Day Tours)

This is a do it yourself tour. There is a lot to see and we will serve a “menu” for you to choose the sites you want to dig in. The first stop will be in Sintra, a former retreat of the Portuguese royalty. Here, you will find a lush forest with amazing parks and fairy tale palaces. You will also experience the power of Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of continental Europe and feel the glamour of the Estoril Coast, once considered the Portuguese Riviera.

The Top Experience Tour – Tiles, Wines & Sceneries! (Full Day Tours)

This is a special one. You will have the chance to not only participate in a unique tile workshop, where tiles are still made the old 17th century way, but also put your hands on the “dust” and experiencing it for yourself. This tour will take you south of Lisbon, where you will also be able to taste the marvelous “Moscatel de Setúbal” wine, right from the spot where it is produced and many more… Check it out!

The Best of West – Sea, Faith & History Masterpices (Full Day Tours)

The West region allows you to meet some of the most relevant patrimonial “masterpieces” of Portugal. But not only! You will have the chance to visit Nazaré, a cosy fisherman’s village turned into worldwide reference for surfers. You’ll feel the mystical strength of Fátima, the religious capital of Portugal. And you will also get the ambiance of the old days in Óbidos, a lovely charming medieval town. Wow!… what a wonderful mix!

Holy Places in the Lands of Santa Maria (Full Day Tours)

Portugal – Land of Santa Maria – has always been destined to be a holy land in terms of religious phenomenon. Some apparitions took place in the middle ages, others more recently. Either way, being you a declared religious person or not, this tour won’t let you indifferent!

Deep Dive into the Calmness of Alentejo and Find the Favorite Palace of the Last Dynasty of the Portuguese Monarchy (Full Day Tours)

You will start it up by diving into the must go UNESCO World Heritage City – Évora. Little differences exist between walking in Évora today or some centuries ago. This town has been developing itself without losing its primitive characteristics. Then proceed to Vila Viçosa, known as the town of the White Gold, for its wonderful marble. A charming village where the last dynasty of Portugal owned a beautiful Palace. Unique!

Stay Away from the Crowded Tours and Get a Taste of the true Portuguese Tranquillity (Full Day Tours)

Feel the unique atmosphere of Évora – a living museum town – and get to know a well preserved medieval settlement with a Templar castle overlooking the biggest artificial lake in Europe. You will also have the chance to get fascinated by the colorful traditional pottery and the superb wines of this fabulous region – Alentejo. Here, the clock seems to stop!

If you’re staying longer, why not take the full scope and let us guide you all the way through?… Below, you will find some nice combinations we can suggest. Or… just tell us your preferences and we will make a full detailed program that you will love. Here’s our secret formula: YW+OK= YF (Your Wishes + Our Knowledge = Your Fulfilment). Let’s go for it!

The Wine Routes of Portugal (7 days tour) (Round Trips)

If you love good wine and/or consider yourself a gourmet, you will love this one. We are covering the best selection of wineries from Douro to Alentejo. Besides you’ll have the chance to get to know the hidden gems of the Portuguese gastronomy, where only locals go. Memorable experiences are waiting for you…

Around Portugal in 10 days (Round Trips)

Explore every aspects of Portugal’s diversity on a tour that will take you to the most emblematic spots of the country. You can count on an exceptional range of different landscapes, lots of leisure activities and a unique cultural heritage, where tradition and modernity blend together in perfect harmony. Its superb cuisine, fine wines and hospitable people make the rest to rate this as a paradise experience tour. Come along…