The Best of West – Sea, Faith & History Masterpices

The West region allows you to meet some of the most relevant patrimonial “masterpieces” of Portugal. But not only! You will have the chance to visit Nazaré, a cosy fisherman’s village turned into worldwide reference for surfers. You will also get to feel the mystical strength of Fátima, the religious capital of Portugal, and an essential place to visit for many people. And what about Óbidos?… This is a lovely charming medieval town with mediterranean character. You wouldn’t want to miss it!


  • Óbidos medieval walled town
  • Batalha – Unesco classified monastery
  • Alcobaça – Unesco classified monastery
  • Nazaré, giant waves surfers spot (check it out)
  • Fátima, the altar of the Christian faith


You will start the day with a visit to Óbidos, a magnificent medieval town, to be explored on foot. Next, we will follow to Nazaré, a beautiful sightseeing spot of the Atlantic Ocean, made world famous by its huge waves for surfers (if you’re into this subject, follow the documentary here).

We will than guide you to Alcobaça, famous for its 12th century monastery. This monastery is not only a beautiful architectural example, but it has also the monuments in memory of King D. Pedro I and D. Inês de Castro (characters of a true romantic Portuguese story from the 14th century, very similar to “Romeo and Juliet”). A magnificent stone handwork.

Next to Alcobaça is Batalha where you will visit another marvellous monastery, built between the 14th and the 15th centuries. The Monastery of Batalha is the best example in Portugal of the late gothic Portuguese style, where we can find a mix of the gothic style with the Manueline decoration – symbol of the Portuguese maritime expansion.

Finally, we will get to Fátima and its Sanctuary, the site where Our Lady of Fátima appeared in 1917. Since then, Fátima attracts every year millions of pilgrims, thanks to its mystical strength! The Sanctuary Square is so big that it can only be described in numbers: it can receive simultaneously 300.000 visitors and it’s twice the size of St. Peter Square in the Vatican.

What’s Included:

• Guide / Driver Fees
• Pick-Up / Drop-Off at your location in Lisbon
• Transportation in a modern and comfortable vehicle
• Travel Insurances
• Tolls & Parks

What’s Not Included:

• Meals & Drinks
• Admission Fees

Take a Note:

This is a private tour. There will be nobody else joining the party except if agreed by you. This also means the tour can be customized and adjusted to the participants’ interests at any time.

The default language of the tour is English, but you can choose an additional language from the available options.

FOR YOUR ATTENTION: We may change the itinerary order and start with Fátima instead, particularly if you aim to attend mass.