Meet Lisbon – The European Capital of Several Colonizations

Get to know all the secrets about the former Capital of a world empire through the hands of our expert tour guides…


  • Exploring some of the Seven Hills
  • Get the Feeling of the City’s Oldest Section – Alfama
  •  Visit to Jerónimos Monastery – The Highest Celebration of Sea Discoveries
  •  The Most Iconic Monument – Belém Tower
  • The Monument to Sea Discoveries
  • Pastéis de Belém – Historical Pastry Shop with the Original Custard Tarts


Colonized by many civilizations along the centuries: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors and finally the Portuguese in 1147, Lisbon is known as the City of the Seven Hills.

On the top of one of those hills, you will visit St. George’s Castle, including its surrounding section – Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest quarter. Close by, you will find the up-scaled Chiado section, just next to upper town or Bairro Alto, known for the exciting and trendy night life, as well as for many restaurant options.

You will realize that Lisboa is deeply linked to the heroic deeds of the Portuguese maritime exploration, 500 years ago. This was the Age of Discoveries and the Golden Era of Portugal, transforming Lisbon into the opulent center of a vast empire. Part of the wealth from these expeditions was used to build magnificent monuments in a unique Portuguese style: the extravagant Manueline architectural style, best typified in Jerónimos Monastery, that your tour guide will certainly show you.

Other monuments can still be seen, especially in the area of Belém Tower, like the Monument to the Discoveries and many interesting sites such as the Maritime Museum and the Royal Coach Museum, among others.

Being in the area, there is no way how to skip a visit to the pastry shop where the world most famous “Pasteis de Belém” are baked – Confeitaria de Belém.

LISBON – a slideshow tour around the city (watch it here)

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DID YOU KNOW? On November 1st, 1755, tectonic plates shift suddenly, causing an 8.5 magnitude earthquake, the epicenter of which is only 150 miles from Portugal’s capital. It sets off a tragic chain of events. An Earthquake, Tsunami, and Firestorm all hit Lisbon at once and deeply destroyed the downtown city. Check out this amazing video simulation.