Get Yourself Back in Time When Visiting This Medieval Town Called Óbidos

This tour gives you the chance to do a real “time travel”. Encircled by a ring of medieval walls and crowned by the Moorish castle rebuilt by D. Dinis, which is now a stunning Pousada, Óbidos is one of the most perfect examples of a medieval fortress.


  •  Walk Through its Picturesque Streets
  •  Óbidos Castle
  •  “Ginjinha” Experience


Óbidos is an essential tour for anyone who visits Portugal and it is only one hour away from Lisbon. Because of its genuineness, it deserves your visit, for sure.

You will explore the town of Óbidos, considered by many as a true museum, since it is famous as one of the most well-preserved medieval towns of Portugal.

We will walk you through its lovely typical streets, where you’ll have to get into one of the emblematic bars to try the famous “Ginginha”, a national heritage liqueur. Here, typically, they serve your “Ginginha” in a chocolate cup that you end up eating in the end. You’ll like it!

Of course you won’t leave before visiting the Castle itself.

This will be for sure, one of those moments that you’ll remember forever!

What’s Included:

• Guide / Driver Fees
• Pick-Up / Drop-Off at your location in Lisbon
• Transportation in a modern and comfortable vehicle
• Travel Insurances
• Tolls & Parks

What’s Not Included:

• Meals & Drinks
• Admission Fees

Take a Note:

This is a private tour. There will be nobody else joining the party except if agreed by you. This also means the tour can be customized and adjusted to the participants’ interests at any time.

The default language of the tour is English, but you can choose an additional language from the available options.

FOR YOUR ATTENTION: Do you want to have a sneak peek?… Check out this independent tourist video we found out on you tube.